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GPS Updates

Precision Ag Equipment Software Updates

Keep your Precision Ag hardware up to date with the latest software from John Deere. For current hardware, this includes bug fixes, any applicable frequency updates, and new features! Check the release notes to find out what changed, or talk to your GVE Integrated Solutions Consultant to learn what’s recommended for your operation!

Download updates at StellarSupport


GPS Frequency Change (Summer 2015)

In 2015, StarFire frequencies changed on the Inmarsat satellites; in this area, we use satellite 98W.  The new/current 98W frequency is: 1545.9675 MHz, and was turned on June 12th, 2015.  The old frequency of 1539.8725 MHz was turned off on July 15th, 2015.  StarFire receivers that have not been updated to support the new frequency will not receive differential corrections so will not operate in SF1/SF2/RTK mode; they will switch to 3D WAAS or EGNOS and will not work with AutoTrac. If you have not yet updated your receiver accordingly, in order to keep running, please follow the information below for each StarFire receiver you have.


Receiver Model Update Method (Each receiver only requires one method)

 sf6000_updatesStarFire 6000

No frequency updates required.

 SF_3000StarFire 3000

Option 1 (Preferred): Automatic Over the Air Satellite Almanac Updates (SF3000 option only)
Requires 2014-2 bundle software for the SF3000 (2.00R) or 2015-1 bundle software (2.10P) for this option.
Running an older version? Get Software Updates or bring your receiver to GVE to be updated. ($50/receiver charge)
(Ensure the “default” checkbox is checked under the StarFire 3000 Main Page “Setup” tab on the display.)
Receiver needs to be outside with clear view of the sky receiving StarFire signal for a minimum of one hour before July 15th, 2015 for this update to take effect, followed by the display being powered off; you can ensure this by cold booting the receiver (physically disconnect receiver harness and then reconnect it).
As long as the SF3000 has been updated to the 14-2 bundle release version 2.00R (or later) and has pulled in SF signal (LED light blinks green) before July 15th, 2015, then the new almanac is loaded and the SF3000 will change frequencies when it needs to.Option 2: Manually Enter Frequency through the display.

 SF_itcStarFire iTC

Option 1: Bring your receiver to GVE after June 12th, 2015 and we can update it with special release software (3.73H) with the new frequency numbers for 98W. ($50/receiver charge)

Option 2 (wait): The general fall release (2015-2) Greenstar software update should also have this update, but will likely be released sometime in August. (Exact date unknown.) At which point you can update it yourself, or bring your receiver to your GVE dealership to be updated. If you are not needing your iTC receiver until after this is available, you can wait and then update the software at that point.

Option 3: Manually enter new frequency through the display

SF_originalOriginal StarFire
(Gen II)
Only one option: Manually enter new frequency through the display

  • Instructions (only option – other than physically upgrading your receiver – contact GVE for deals on iTC receivers)

Quick generic directions to manually change frequency:

  1. Go to Original Greenstar monitor/emulator, then select > Setup, then select > StarFire Receiver.
  2. Uncheck the Use Default Frequency box.
  3. Find the old frequency shown on the display (1539.8725 MHz).
  4. Enter the new frequency of 1545.9675 MHz in the display.
  5. Return to receiver status page.
  6. Verify StarFire corrections are being received, and SF1/SF2 signal will begin to build.

Alternate detailed graphical instructions – select your display:

Open GS2 1800 / GS2 2600 / GS3 2630 Instructions (printable PDF)

Open Greenstar Original (Brown box) Instructions (printable PDF)