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Our Commitment to Customer Business Data

GVE believes that insights from data will be a key part of meeting the agricultural industry’s collective goal to produce enough food to sustain a growing world population. We also believe that companies providing data services should have effective processes that ensure privacy, security and control for their customers.

Keeping your trust is important to us, thus we want to ensure transparency of our data policy. We want you to understand what we do, why we do it and what it means to you. You are in control of the data that’s collected and with whom it is shared. This emphasizes our commitment to being your trusted partner in the field, year after year.

Customer Data Policy

This policy outlines how we treat and handle the customer data to which we have access. This will govern circumstances where we incidentally garner customer data, such as when connecting to a piece of equipment in order to repair it, to the intentional collection of specific data, like crop yields. When you choose to have us serve you, you are granting us a right to handle your data in a reasonable manner in order to serve you better, and with the assurance that you remain in control of your data and that we will never sell your data.

Greenvalley Equipment may provide certain services which require that we access, collect, store, analyze, and report data respecting: the functioning of the customer’s agricultural equipment, the customer’s crop production, and the customer’s general agricultural production operations.

Customer Data Defined
Throughout our relationship, you likely have and will continue to provide us data, either directly or indirectly, or through John Deere’s various software and network offerings, including access to various data about your operations and information that is generated by, collected by, or stored on your equipment or any hardware or device interfacing with your equipment.

How we may use your Data
When you purchase certain services and/or equipment with data capabilities, you agree to provide us with the necessary access and licence to use the data in order to provide and/or improve services. Our customers recognize that we may need to access their data for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To check, maintain, diagnose, update, or repair their equipment;
  • To provide or offer products and services;
  • To enable us or a trusted third party to improve or develop our products and services; or to accomplish any of these tasks;
  • To comply with or enforce legal or contractual requirements (based upon our good-faith and belief that disclosure is necessary to comply with such legal or contractual requirements);
  • To comply with a request from the customer;

Equipment may include telematics hardware and software (“Telematics”) that transmit data to John Deere, and which certain Greenvalley Equipment staff may have access to. Purchaser may deactivate Telematics by contacting the JDLink Global Support group at 1-800-251-9928 or via email at When enabled (default), internal access of JDLink data is according to the terms of John Deere’s data policy found at in addition to this data policy of Greenvalley Equipment.

Revocation of Licence and Retention of Data
The customer acknowledges that if they disallow Greenvalley Equipment access to or use of their data, such action may prevent us from providing remote machine diagnostics, remote machine servicing, or any other services which require the ability to collect, analyze, store, retrieve, or report customer data, and may prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to the customer or to a third party service provider under any contract for services to the customer, and the customer will not hold us liable for our inability to provide services, and the customer will indemnify us for any costs and damages suffered by us as a result of the our inability to provide services resulting from the customer’s revocation of this licence, or the customer’s refusal to provide us access to or use of their data. The customer also acknowledges that we may but are not under obligation to store customer data indefinitely.

Restrictions on Disclosure
Notwithstanding other provisions, we will not provide any customer data in a form that is easily capable of being personally identified with a customer except as follows: (i) to third parties upon the consent, authorization, or request of the customer, (ii) to third parties assisting us in the provision, administration, and management of our products and services, (iii) to third parties that support our business operations, or (iv) to comply with or enforce legal or contractual requirements.

Exclusion of Policy
To be excluded from this data policy, please provide us a written note requesting exclusion from these terms, as otherwise acceptance of a sales agreement constitutes acceptance of this respective data policy, in absence of such a note of exclusion.

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